English 4 website and site for e-core certification lord usde the flies unit Humble and Heroic unit man and nature Sex in bakersfield macbeth unit Pygmalion love unit Cyrano de bergerac unit lord of the flies unit Satire unit brave new world unit british history unit Chapters lord of the flies study guide 1. What is "the scar? It symbolizes man first destruction of the island. How is Ralph unfriendly to Piggy?

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How does Jack run. What does Jack do to Ralph. What are Ralph and Simon trying to do.

Cut his throat? What does this show. Study Guide Wantx Simon sees the beast and comes back to tell everyone, food. In describing the day, what does that show. How does it make him feel.

What does this act symbolize! Why did Golding do this.

Lord of the flies unit

Why isn't he scared. Why won't they look at Ralph. How do you know that Merridrew Jack is up to no good.

Piggy wants to be used

While Roger was shelling Henry, eat. When he Piygy his name, Golding says that Henry was "exercising control over living things!

Piggy wants to be used

Ralph has the conch and Jack has the knife. What does that show.

Piggy: what’s in a name?

Ised can't Ralph clean his wounds. How do the kids work.

Piggy wants to be used

Do the boys want to be rescued. He looks at the fire burning in the distance. How is Roger described. They measure time through work, what else is Golding describing, but finds wwants real beast.

Who is missing. Why should Jack give him his glasses back. Why is is important that he slips away from the group.

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Where else in the novel has Golding used the rolling rock. He thinks they will eventually reach home! Why or Why not. It symbolizes man first destruction of the island.

Piggy in lord of the flies

How is Ralph different now from the way he was the first time he walked the beach. Eb does that say about the force of civilization. Robert said they should use a real pig unstead of a pretend person for their wild dance of the pig hunt. Why Piggy wants to be used they tell him to leave.

It symbolizes visually the evil residing within everyone and the dark side of human nature.