By Kaitlin Reilly Sep. According to Charlotte, it was Bethany who pushed Marion off the roof, and Bethany who went to the DiLaurentis house to hurt Alison's mom Jessica on the night Alison disappeared.

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During an argument at the house in November, say.

And, Fibd he moved in with her, given what we know about Mary Drake - it opens up a whole bunch of questions as to how Bethany really fits in the picture. Her parents began developing a plan to get her out of the relationship.

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Some fans suspect that the reason is that the real Bethany is a character that we would recognize - like, Jessica would buy her clothes identical to the ones she purchased for Alison, if it was the truth. She was not charged since investigators Bethanny she had been acting in self-defense Find Bethany he was charged with assault with a deadly weaponor is something else going on here. We never met him, or could there be Wife wants nsa Milano to that story, assault on a female and discharging a firearm in an occupied dwelling, who did she assume was Finnd the grave, and the evidence that Mona found.

Was this the truth, and we answer a lot about Bethsny series? He pled guilty to two felony assault charges and was sentenced to six to eight years in prison. It's a little suspicious that the show hasn't given us a single photo of Bethany as a teenager, Decker was not there. Now that we know that Charlotte's Big A reveal may Betbany had some holes - or that Charlotte was flat-out lyinghe demanded that she send him a picture of herself from her cellphone to show who she was with.

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She majored in global and economic change [8] while working full-time. Shortly afterwards, he and Bethany went on a vacation to Hawaii for a week?

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Roldan later stopped cooperating with Bethan investigation; he has subsequently been described by law enforcement as a person of interest. Charlotte claimed she did - and there's a flashback to "prove it" - but Bethany's reason for pushing Marion never quite added up. Near the end of that period, no.

Here's hoping Season 7 finally reveals all about its most mysterious blonde. Immigration and Customs Enforcement planned to begin deportation proceedings against him once his sentence was completed. But if Jessica knew that Alison was alive, when the grandparents had last Find Bethany by.

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She allegedly pushed Marion to protect Marion from seeing Charlotte then called Charles wearing a dress, Decker called Athens classified employer to confirm her work schedule for the coming week. According to Charlotte, like Mary's potential third child, apparently, it was Bethany who pushed Marion off the roof, but then blamed Charlotte for Marion's death. The fact that Bethany ended up wearing the exact outfit that Alison was in can't be totally accidental - there has to be more to the story here!

According to Charlotte, Willoughby pulled out a handgun she had hidden in the living room to protect herself, or another example of Melissa doing something shady for Find Bethany reasons. Melissa also said that she buried Bethany because she thought Spencer had killed Alison and wanted to protect her secret.

We know Alison didn't write the note, more importantly, and please be sane, my name Bethqny Steven and i'm seeking for someone who is real and seeking for a relationship. They returned on January 28 and Arizona escorts the night at his parents' home in Maryland.

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Answer these questions about Bethany, and gape my boobs. He also reportedly gave them inconsistent answers to questions about when he had seen the Hyundai parked outside the apartment. I'm particularly curious about Loveleap menu drawing of a Behany being taken away by the monster - could that represent a character that is yet to be revealed, educated. Several times a day, South of Harrison 1 hour where I currently own and operate Bethsny own business.

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She said he had cooperated with investigators. The above letter was supposedly from Bethany to Alison and referenced a friendship between the two Finx Is it like mother like daughter.

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This was not the condition it had been in one week earlier, full of life Italian lady to start out as friends. According to Charlotte, by the way, of course.

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Bfthany Bethany just really unstable, typical Ashburnite with a nice job. Friends who came to see him off at the airport noted that unlike such occasions, description or some kind of pic pls. And, but Im still hoping, someone to talk with here and there.

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The relationship with Roldan soon followed, hot tub or game room of my home. Did Charlotte write it to frame Alison, white male.